i did this page when i was “so furious”. hey look that’s my blood! also i can’t get enough of sickly light greens lately. people are noticing.

i am going to brooklyn for the rest of the week with my special gentleman friend! we are excited, but realistically we’re probably going to be working on our midterm projects for a depressing amount of time in cafés (stress eating bagels). hopefully we can squeeze in a lot of “research time” at museums though!

trying to draw the tibetan fox and also some people at a bus stop, auch einige Worte über Deutsch auf Deutsch. 

exploring milwaukee & drawing vaguely familiar faces. 

friday figure drawing @ vcu. feels awesome to do some gestural figure stuff after a long summer!

almost done with my summer sketchbook. there’s always an uncomfortable overhang into the semester of like 6 pages and i take forever finishing them. i want a clean start!

(the design on the cover is a DIY screenprint thing i made for another project)

study for a large (!) commissioned (!!) drawing. this is the richmond amtrak station, one of my favorite large buildings in my city. 

one lovely afternoon, i took june to the blacksburg hospital emergency room.

sitting in loud places, drawing quietly, together.

(thursday night, cous cous, richmond)

totems - people i know/knew.