killin’ minutes

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some places i’ve been out to the last few days this winter break.

top is at an irish pub (where i split some incredible potato croquettes w/ bleu cheese sauce with a friend); bottom is at urban farmhouse, which is tied for first place for classiest place-to-draw-and-drink-coffee place in richmond IMO. 

hard drive crash during finals week #3

tortoise full of feelings

some screenprinted drawings for a lil’ zine project. one of these is my house! 

(Source: equivocations)

a few days ago i had some ‘spare time’, so i went to the top of a parking garage and drew some stuff to relax. after working for about 40 minutes, i realized i was drawing my friend lauren, who was eating at chipotle six stories below (bottom right corner of the fenced area, if you’re wondering)!

i’m totally like the least creepy person ever aha ha ha!

turns out cicadas are really fun to draw. i enjoy their fat, solid little bug bodies.

some beetles drawn at the walters museum in baltimore, which is The Best:

1. it’s free

2. it has a medieval weapons/armor/stuff collection

3. it has an awesome natural history room with MANY BUGS

and i think i’d like to keep it that way, thanks.

i drew some of my screenprinting class compatriots during our 5 hour long (!) critique.