warm-up thing from instagram #selfies. all i want to draw lately is floating heads.

STREETWATCHERS / I also just put this lithograph print on Etsy. I drew a bunch of people from cities around the world from Google Street View and tiled them, so each of these prints is actually 6 prints!! Only 2 left and they’re gone forever!

VALLON DES AUFFES / Linoleum cut print from a drawing I made in Marseille. Feels amazing to print again, even if it’s just little linocuts. It’s listed on Etsy if you want one for yourself: do it!

the last page is the hardest to fill.

Hiii I LOOOOOVE your artwork. theyre beautiful. I have a few questions. 1) would you ever do a tutorial on how to bind your watercolor sketchbooks? I really enjoy the threading on yours . &&&& 2) What cities did you visit in Europe? how long did you go for? I want to save up enough to go this summer so I'm trying to see where i should visit

Hi! Thanks for the message! I’ll answer this publicly in case anyone else is curious about the bookbinding stuff.

Since y’all are presumably following me for the drawings and not bookbinding I’m not confident that it would be worth it to make a tutorial (prove me wrong, tumblr). The watercolor book I used for my Eurotrip was a variation on a hardcover long stitch, though if you just want to make a watercolor sketchbook you can do pretty much any kind of binding. I used Alisa Golden’s Making Handmade Books (a great book, and like $12 on Amazon) as a guide. Youtube is your friend! Though I have to say, taking a class (like, IRL) is the best way to get good at this stuff.

I went to Europe + Morocco for 10 weeks total. I visited Leuven, Brussels, Prague, Český Krumlov, Vienna, Modena, Florence, Cinque Terra, Marseille, Barcelona, Grenada, Tangier, Chefchaouen, and Fes, not including the cities we stopped in for a day or less. Tangier is the only place I wouldn’t recommend. Since you’re going in the summer, consider that certain “destination cities” will be absolutely full of tourists, which killed certain places for me (sorry, Italy). My advice: pack light, don’t live behind a lens, and stay a while - 5 day stays were the sweet spot, no matter how big the city. HAVE FUN!

Evening in Chefchaouen / digitally painted sketch from life.

Cafe hopping is one of my favorite parts of traveling, but Morocco’s were especially nice; thanks to the mild climate, they’re all super open air, and most have roof seating. SIGHHH PLEASELETMEGOBACK

found this scan that i never uploaded from a session in the summer. i miss figure drawing :(

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Dream houses.

(on Etsy!)

Café ghosts in Old Town Alexandria.

Rush hour in Eastern Market, Washington DC