watercolor preliminary drawing for a mural i’m starting tonight!!! these are buildings on the “historic” street in my town. prints of this image will be available within the month :)

the last few weeks have been real crazy! i suddenly got a part-time job, and a bunch of freelance things have been popping up all over the place. i really hope this is the start of something (i.e. My Life?). the tradeoff is that i haven’t had much time to make just-for-fun drawings lately, which is actually okay, since i’m getting to make stuff like this ^^^

I’ll be posting process stuff on my Instagram~

found this drawing taped into an old sketchbook. sad I used up all my prismacolor chisel pens because they NICE.

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Playing with Adobe Kuler color pallets & Google Street View drawings. These are some random places in Paris, which I found through Mapcrunch

I’ve been working furiously on making my Etsy shop an actual thing. Over the last few days I’ve listed nearly 20 new prints/books/original paintings, including some leftovers from Globehopper I’ve been meaning to put up for months. Take a look (ノ*゜▽゜*)

a very dim café in fishtown, philadelphia. 

depressing numbers of birds die from colliding with buildings. drexel’s academy of natural sciences has a small exhibit on the phenomenon, also some bugs.

cafe hopping in west philly

i find it really difficult to illustrate food because i usually eat it all before i can draw it #artistproblems

i’ve been hanging out at this café a lot on weekends, keeping my bud jessica company as she does worthwhile shit, i.e., codes websites.

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warm-up thing from instagram #selfies. all i want to draw lately is floating heads.